Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So this is training...AGAIN !

Ok, so day 3 of training for the second time this year and for another charter airline, boy the newbies can have questions that don't make any sense, I don't even remember being so distraught at my first training, jeez louise. I had my first dance competition over the week end in Quebec city, got 2nd place, I was in shock, I was sure that I stunk like a skunk lol...back to training, I am amazed on how much I retained from my previous airline experience, I know the answer to everything lol and there I thought I was the worse FA ever...

So now I am still waiting for EK to call...week 2...every morning I wake up looking at my emails hoping to have something, at least yes or no, just so I can move on with life, is that too much to ask, the thing is there is a time difference of 8 hours between Dubai and Montreal, so I'm guessing that by 8am Montreal time, offices in Dubai are already closed ! Oh well, I still am lucky to have been Hired again by another airline, even if it's a dot compared to EK (I should not be so grumpy) oh well lol...Tomorrow day 4 , and cannot wait to see what comes out of the newbies mouth...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What...second place ?

Life just got weirder, I have been taking dance classes, Latin International, since my unemployment status, my teacher seeing how I was in the studio all the time, proposed to me to do some dance competitions, well obviously I said yes being bored as I was. Well last night was my first ever competition and boy was I nervous, shaking and everything, I messed up in so many places...but the shocker...I got second place...what is going on, maybe we actually see our selves in such a perfectionist point of view compared to others watching us ! My dance partner keeps saying that she went to see a medium who told her that she would finally meet her perfect partner to help her achieve a competition and winning goals...GOD...does this mean no EK for me ? I think that's what made me more in shock when I heard the announcer saying our names for second place...Is her medium right ? Anyway tomorrow starting my training with small fries airline, hopefully the newcomers to the business will keep me entertained with their naive questions lol

So 1 week dowm 2 to go for EK to let me know if they want me or not...eeek

Sunday, October 19, 2008

And the wait starts

It's been a crazy day (screening) we were about 40 or so and ended up 17 after a 10 hour day of interviews, tests , you name it...I am so nervous, more so that I am so close to having my dreams fulfilled times 100. A lot of things are popping up in my head, what will I bring , how many luggage etc...Do I really really want to do this, move ? AGAIN ! Hell yeah, my philosophy has always been that you only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE (and yeah I'm addicted to that soap opera, my guilty pleasure). 

Let's recap what I did in 2008 :

Jan - Go to Airline interview out of nowhere

Feb- Got the call, oh my god I'm freaking out !

Mar- Still working my desk job, and can't wait to bail out

Apr- Last days at Desk Job, oh my god again, it's coming true , I'm gonna be working in the air

May- 5 week training, who would have thought it would be that intense.

Jun- First pairings, Paris, London, Vancouver, life is sweet.

Jul- More awesome Pairings and gosh I love this JOB

Aug- Started good, loved Glasgow, but who would have seen it coming (only the owners), The airline folded...snif snif...I knew it was too good to be true my job snif snif

Sep- Trying not to be too depressed, but turned down 1 job, but a desk job, nice conditions, but got hired by another airline, yeah, but no international i.e. Europe. OH, and went to preselection and passed for the BIG AIRLINE.

Oct- WoW, is the only thing I can say, I would never imagine in 2008 I would get opportunities, not by 1 but 3 and maybe 4 airlines . WOW. Got to Final interview with the biggest one. Fingers , toes are crossed.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Round 3

So finally the day has come to really know what my future will hold in the airlines business...feel like it is destiny...but only time will tell...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here I go...

After reading so many blogs online, and having a bit of too much time available these days, I said to myself why not... Well right now I'm unemployed as my previous employer folded as so many birds in the sky...but it was an interesting year , working 5 years at a desk, and unhappy, going to the airline interview in January and to much surprise getting it...had a blast, Paris, London, layovers were great, and I miss being in a plane a bit too much...but now I'm on a waiting pattern as I applied with a really big bird and everything seems to be going well...

Cities I've visited