Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lazy ?

This is getting absurd and I am not proud of my self, then again, human nature is to procrastinate until that very last breath . I don't even know where to begin, so I will just go with the flow of thoughts that come to me.

First of all I changed accommodations and moved in with Deon and another batch-mate of mine, to much better conditions that fit perfectly our foolish ways of living :) No more Mexico border crossing for us to get food or groceries !

I'm already on my 4th month of flying on the A380 and I could not be more happy , I am currently in Toronto (will be back to that one ) and just did 2 x Paris, and 4 X Paris to follow ! It is just amazing, I am more relaxed and feel 10 times happier then what I already was. As I am writing this I am currently on a Toronto layover and it's day 6 of it, You might already guessed it, the plane we were suppose to operate back in to Dubai went TECH ! it happens, better be safe then dead ! And tonight we are (26 crew) dead heading back to sweet warm Dubai .

Now the juicy stuff lol No nothing about Emirates :) ... at the beginning of the year I had met someone and everything seemed so perfect, too perfect, and it all came to an abrupt end ! Since then I made a promise to myself to stop chasing and just let that special person find me ! How long will I hold up to that ! How ever I must add, why do people even bother getting involved when they are not sure of their own feelings, it just boggles my mind, as much as my reaction in the relationship romance department. And why is it so wrong to express your feelings ? ANYWAY lol Life goes on, and would it not be boring with out all this drama :)

Later ...

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