Sunday, May 24, 2009

Butterscotch , Moscow no Guangzhou...

Crazy past days, I had 2 days off and decided to finally give a try at making one of my favorites dessert cookies Butterscotch squares !!! First attempt was a complete disaster, I used too much butter, burned it and still continued doing the recipe. By the time everything was mixed together and the dough was ready to go to the oven, I thought seriously that it would be a success, well, I managed to burn it, pitch black CRAZY ( click here for pictures: Butterscotch ) . But on my second attempt did not burn it, but was funny how I melted the brown sugar completely and having it harden as fast and wondering how could I possibly make a dough out of hard caramel lol . In all a funny experience, crash and burn will best describe my time in the kitchen cooking it up between midnight and 5am lol Why, because my internal clock is out of whack !

Next story, I was suppose to fly to Moscow, and the best, I would be deadheading most likely in business class, as the flight was oversold, however this did not happen, I got taken off that flight and put on to go to Guangzhou in China... No idea where that city was or it's existence, the flight to there and from there was pure HELL ... The passengers were the most demanding I have ever met ... I get so frustrated when people keep asking for thing with out the magic word PLEASE ... Actually it drives me crazy , I guess it is something I will have to learn to manage if I want to survive in this industry. During hour 24 hour layover there, I slept in the whole time, ordering room service to keep my body alive lol I have to say the Hotel is one of the best I have ever laid my eyes on , simply incredible, but cannot say the same about the time in the air !

Next flight Amman, Jordan turnaround followed by Lagos, Nigeria layover...


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