Monday, August 31, 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc...BOOM


Ah ! the pleasures and insane displeasures of working at 35000 feet . Flying with girls and being the only male on board proved once again faithful to the tension between them, you would think you are on planet venus in the middle of a world war ! Why are women so aggressive towards each other , its as if they had a point to prove and everyone of them had to make a statement on how things are done as to their knowledge and screw company standards ! unbelievable... If I was a woman I think I would love to look my best and not chew my nails in front of customers while on my jump-seat, if I was a woman I certainly would not complain like a raging pig in front of customers as if EK was owned by my father , If I was a woman I would make more then an effort to smile and not look like a man who came out of a sex change operation ! I would most likely try to do my job instead of complaining about small things that will not change the situation or my future in the company !

I really don't understand why with such an easy job filled of perks why some people find the energy to complain and complain more then working ! Just do your bleep bleep job for crying out loud. And when complaining is not enough, they move on to rumors this and that when clearly the possibility of them being true or not even at one percent. The thing that just drive me insane is when someone acts as if they have class when in fact they are far from having any ! For instance we have this service quality appraisal form to complete by surveying the customers on board, one of the girls starts righting what is an invention of her non functioning brain or should I say lazy brain and of course I had something to say about it : Out of 300 customers you could not manage to talk to one of them ? - as I'm writing , I hear : Fuck off ! - I immediately turn around and shout to her face : Did you just say FUCK OFF ? - obviously the terrified 5ft7 girl could not even fathom to admit her foul mouths creation... Really makes me wonder how the hell these people even pass through the interviews, sure it's easy to pretend to be the best person for a job, but why would I even do that if I know that I'm not made for that kind of working environment. On another note, some crew confuse being hard working i.e. fast bar service, fast clearance, to just being courteous and nice both to customers and colleagues. I mean customers come back for our service, being the attention we give them to a smile, not the uncaring speed that we throw a drink at them ! And also, I swear if I see another crew reset the call bells on a 5 hour flight I will slap them silly...

In other news, I made through the application process for working on the A380 fleet and just can't wait, I'm also happy that my partner in crime also made it through ! Fun times ahead !

Over and out !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Concentrated Post :)

So I was avoiding blogging a bit after a censorship fiasco down at fellow blogger Airboy ! What have I been up to ? Just go through the good ones, did not had bad ones , just mixed feelings lol I dead headed to Bangkok on the A380 and in business class, I think Business and up is the only way to travel, how am I ever gonna be able to sit in economy with out complaining ! this was my first time there, as I did not see the attraction or felt motivation to go there and with reason. Arrived there late at night, and it was decided by the crew to go out for diner , yes we did, I'm a bit picky on exotic food i.e. food I would not usually cook myself, but I was surprised by the Thai food (yes first time eating it) and it was yummy yum yum lol next we were off to this street full of people mostly foreigners on vacation trying to fulfill some fantasy , most likely a dirty one , and full of those same foreigners, myself included, drunk out of their minds...I think I threw up part of my brain after that night lol enough said :)

I also did my first Indonesian flight to Jakarta, it was a 48 hours layover that I could not be bothered to get out of the hotel... so spent that layover by the pool and ordering drinks and getting sucked dry of my blood by mosquitoes and what nots ! Then got a Calcutta layover again but this time a 24 hour layover, so some time to brief, and something unusual, I went out clubbing, well with 5 Local crew on board, I was willing to go on an adventure , knowing that I was with people who knew the place. It was an experience to see people dance to music that yourself are not used to... Well thats why I love this job, keep discovering :).

I just came back from a layover trip from Kuala Lumpur, very clean and all around nice city, somehow I only managed to take pictures of the Petronas
Towers, one of the worlds tallest buildings, I was going at it click click click not realizing that I was not taking any other pics !

Now to the part some of you just gag to hear about, the ranting : One thing I absolutely get a seizure from , is crew trying to impress the seniors , and the way they go about it by overdoing what is expected of them , its almost like eating an over-glazed crispy cream doughnut ! It was too much sucking up, I had to give my self a bath room break to scream out my pure disgust ! I admit it feels good to get recognition for a work well done, but why not do it all the time and be happy with yourself for delivering excellence ! after all that's what expected of us ! Anyway... the other thing that absolutely makes me run for my EpiPen is crew talking so loud in the galley that you can hear them on the plane flying 25oo feet above ours ! I mean jeez...oh and before I forget, this one I need to have an aspirin near by cause it's hear attack worthy, crew that act like they are better then others and they just deliver poor poor poor and poor service ! god bless them...

September roster is out...and being Top bid got almost all that I asked for, starting with no turn around yet again, 2 Zurich, Rome, Moscow, Nairobi and the mother of all wanted destinations, San Francisco with a 48 hour layover ! now thats something to shout out, God Help me :)

Later babes...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


When I was bidding for Cape Town flights last month , I really did not know what to expect, or just did not pay attention on what the other cabin crews where saying about it. This is a 9 hour flight to and from there with a 2 hour time difference which is good after a long flight not to suffer to much jet lag. First big smile on my face is entering the briefing room and realizing that I flew before with one of the seniors, so stress on this flight from my peers is to strike out from my mental list. On to the flight itself, 314 passengers in economy for 9 hours is something , with 8 cabin crew at their each and every wish ( call bells to summon us). Right to the point , the flight there was HELL, fantastic crew though, but HELL of a flight, 100 Vegetarian meals requested aside the children meals, we call those special meals, and of course, OF COURSE, half of those people switch their seats on a full flight and it took us what seem like for ever to give out those meal and deal with all the customers who changed their seats and we could not get a yes or a no from them on if they had ordered a meal or not...CRAZY...and I still don't understand what it means when you ask for a simple yes or know and you get a funky head roll as if it was a compass trying to point north (in the north pole) ! Other amazing thing I experienced during the flight, customers helping themselves to the unattended bars while we are out in the cabin distributing meals, I could not believe my eyes, but amazingly enough, no one took any champagne, just goes to show what goes on in these fools mind ! Some reasonable customers, and thank God for them, felt sorry for us, one of them told us that they cannot comprehend on the fact that we serve so much alcohol (free) on board, and on how demanding the customers were to us and rude as if we were there own personal genie ready to make anything happen, like the guy at 43 charlie using the call bell to ask me to come close the window blind for him ! or 24 Golf who wanted me to come clear his empty cup of soda ! and it just goes on and on and on...and how can I forget customer 30 delta pointing out cheese the cake that was walked over on the isle and flatten out to the extent of becoming part of the cabin floor, and asked me to clean it up !!! Professional that I am, I did, but the way she asked me to do it ! Hello are you suffering from some post bossy down syndrome ! Out of all the going up and down ridiculously to satisfy the needs (some not to say most , TRIVIAL) of the customers, one sweet couple terrorized by all the craziness of their other fellow travelers, found the need to tell me that this was their best flight in term of service, as we managed to keep it together and still be nice to everyone (well almost lol) and that needed a recognition from them...and that kind of notice makes the job worth while amongst the zoo that the cabin becomes after take off ! On a more positive note, the return sector was way more quiet and happier customers to deal with.

In other news, you probably figured out that EK 770 is the flight number for Cape Town lol A beautiful city with lots and lots of natural beauty...I would go again, but either as a passenger or after I recover from the psycological effects of this trip.

Check out the pictures : CAPE TOWN

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What am I talking about ?

Now how much is too much, why do we not know when to quit ? Is this what life is all about, taking chances , multiple ones at a time and risking everything, and for what ? some for spontaneous pleasure others for long term and most of us , we are lost, just act on an impulse with out knowing or understanding the very basic fundamentals of it all. The figuring out part can basically lead to depression or craziness, as trying to understand our actions can lead to disturbing revelations about ourselves that are in opposition to our beliefs and to the very core of who we think we are or see ourselves as. We take decisions all the time that we don't want to, but convince ourselves that they are right, thus where friends come in and remind us of the sermon we keep telling them over and over again, but even then it still feels right when it's so wrong. I guess the main problem with us humans is that ever incomprehensible and mysterious thing we call feelings. They always seem to take over any logic we might come up with to get out of a situation that we deem risky and that we pre evaluated as a dead end to our happiness . Is to much happiness a good thing or a bad thing, I personally for some crazy and unbalanced reason find it as a cake with too much sugar, it is sweet with the first bite but a whole plate can leave you with a tummy ache... and most relationships seem to be like that , specially when we jump onboard to quickly and by listening to feelings and not logic. But feelings are what we rely on to move forward on an impulse ? I would say yes, but I need to control those impulses for my sanity sake lol On another matter, when do we know that we are in the same boat as those we call Desperate lol ? I think these days I've acting like a desperate fool lol and I need to come back down to earth and realize that my well being in every department of my life only depends on me and not others ! That's what living in such a place called Dubai can do to you. Not thinking rationally and acting on impulses and immediate gratification. But there most be a logical explanation to all this ? after all we are superior animals said one biologist in comparing humans to animals , them being inferior. They call earth the lonely planet, and we seem to live our lives as lonely as possible, creating clans , groups, etc. It must be a reverse karma treated to us by life for complicating it. Fair enough I say. We are so filled of judgement and criticism, except when it comes to ourselves that we deem the most perfect being of all. Vanity is surely part of our DNA composition, after all God created us to his image ! but then again that only counts for Christians and what ever else religion that read the same bible. So then maybe he did not create us to his image, and we are just randomness completely lost with no guidance and out of control. Now that makes more sense, cause this world seems to be lost and out of control !

Later my sweet fools !

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