Sunday, November 15, 2009


November being my second to last bottom bid position, I really did not expected any good flights, but when I saw JFK on my roster, I thought there has to be some silly mistake at scheduling. I was very excited to go to the Big Apple, one of the most exciting cities in the world, and to find out that we stay in Times Square was even more exciting . The way to JFK was good , the weather in the city was not at it's best but it is New York city and no way will I stay in my room ! First stop was of course Times Square to be dazzled by all the light generated by the surrounding humongous screens ! This was not my first trip to New York, but this city just dazzles you every time. Now to the juicy part, the return sector... O M G lol , the flight was full in all 3 classes , by the time we finished boarding, I was drained, thinking of off loading myself from the flight . It was a marathon that lasted 13 hours ! But being in New York was worth it !

I have 3 turn around and London at the end of the month before I start training to fly on the A380 !


Monday, November 9, 2009


It's amazing how busy I have been, but that's all relative to the person. I mean , I have been sleeping a lot, because I have been flying (WORKING) a lot. Since my last post I have been to Los Angeles, Frankfurt again and a long 5 day pairing to Singapore and Brisbane, I am writing this blog as I just walked off the plane about 2 hours ago. Los Angeles was wonderful had a blast, rented a car right there at the hotel, very convenient, and went to off the first night to venture the surroundings, discovered part of Venice beach area and went out to a restaurant with a friend (shall I call him that lol ) that I met virtually in Dubai and luck would have it that he lives in L.A. , so that was that. Next day off I was driving 4 other crew member to Disney Land, the original plan was to go scream our heads off in Six Flags, but to our surprise was closed on week days, go figure. The alternative choice was Disney Land ! Not too many thrill rides, but makes you feel young again (not that I'm super old lol) and that's priceless.

Now I'm still feeling emotionally weird after my close encounter with LIFE back in october while on vacation in Montreal. Why is Life so weird sometimes, why can't we have all at the same time ? More so, why can't we accept things the way they are and move on ! It's not easy to get out of the vicious circle that is lying to ourselves and denying the truth that is in front of us . When we , I, refuse to see that truth, it will drag us to hell and beyond with our emotions and feeling. I'm finding myself crying for no good reasons in the middle of the mall or on my jump-seat during take off, or even in the bathroom doing my stuff. It is strange that brain of us controlling our emotions ! The things we do to counter effect these high emotions, are so plain wreck-less and that makes us wonder if we even know what we want ?

Frankfurt, I was looking forward to that, having swap my manilla for it, how ever, I had Pork Knuckle on my mind and it never found it's way to my mouth, on the other hand I had a blast with unexpected acquaintances , need I say more ! Then again, that's me reacting to my sorry state of mind since the past month.

Jealousy is a messed up feeling ! I now know that I am a jealous person ! I have always praised myself on not being one, but Damn , I am the queen of jealousy ! It is crazy, is it Dubai ? Is it all that I have sacrificed and lose to be here ? is it in a weird way my maturity ? Who or what ever is triggering this, give me a break and let me breathe, because it is an intoxicating state of mind. I wake up most of my days, not knowing what to do with my self, and the last thing that comes to my mind, is to be with friends (if I can even call them that) . But if that's the case, I'm probably in the wrong field of job, but that's where I surprise myself, I'm able to put on a wild Poker face while on the job. Strange, yet again, our brain cells manage to help us , but not the situations that drive us crazy, I guess work and personal life , the later is tougher to manage !

Emirates has started hiring again after a 10 month freeze, understandably with the current global economic crisis (as we speak EK just announced 129% higher more profit for the first half of the year compared to last year ) . Reading online forums , and being cabin crew for EK makes me want to voice again to you out there wanting to join : Please make sure that this is what you really want ! Why do I say this ? most come to Dubai thinking it's gonna be no pain no gain, well, thinking that way , you become someone else's pain, and trust me that's not good lol My only advice don't come here if WORKING and working hard are not part of your vocabulary, I beg you !

I swapped my Dacca and Jeddah flight for Singapore and Brisbane flight. I was excited because I had never been to SIN and I love BNE . The thing about it , the timing are really , really bad, first sector of the flight we depart DXB fro SIN at 4:32 AM arriving at 1:45PM. Getting ready for these hours is quite a challenge, working out 2 days prior my sleep patterns in order to stay awake and energized ! On a full flight it's quite easy to stay alert and awake, but if the customers are sleeping, then it becomes a challenge. Once in SIN, I slept from 3pm to midnight, I was exhausted it is not even funny, having done SFO and LAX (16hours non stop) I could not understand how the heck I was so tired after just under 7 hours of flight. I went out next door to the hotel to this sort of mall, but fill with bars and restaurants, ended up at Burger King eating a chicken burger, I was hungry and it was late LOL. Next sector, Singapore-Brisbane was with departure time of 3:15 pm and arrival at 45 minutes past midnight, not so bad, as I slept a lot before, my body clock being confused. One of the things that is not so funny, is the fact that some hotels we stay at are quite far from the airport, understandably they can't build airports in the middle of cities, we ended up at the hotel at 2 am, not because the hotel is so far, but because Australian customs are pretty strict ! With out having a shower, 5 of us at 3am were off to find some drinks to reset our minds, ended up at the Casino, filled with youngsters, the average age had to be below 25, all drinking and gambling, it was nauseating, so 3 of us agreed and left the place after just 20 minutes in there, ended up at McDonald's at 4am ! (Please don't judge me lol ). So off to bed I was, and slept till noon, woke up, went out to shop, ended up buying the lates Dan Brown , The lost symbols, and back again at the hotel, oh, another close encounter lol, and sleep before the return sector to SIN , with departure at 2:45am yet again and arrival at 8:15 AM. Luck would have it, we were delayed on ground with customers on board for 3 hours ! Please try to imagine my state of mind ! Finally we got off the ground and in to the air , arriving at the hotel at 1pm, slept 6 hours, went out for a fantastic diner and cheap, but still fantastic, came back at the hotel at midnight, departure back to DXB at 9:40 AM and here I am in Dubai at 4:36pm , writing this blog having landed at 1PM.

Next trip is New York city...can you hear me gag ! :)

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