Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying with friends and LAZYNESS

The past four weeks was Ramadan in Dubai , basically all muslim who are healthy fast from sunrise to sunset, then devour everything there is possible to eat ! This is even more felt when I do a flight and we land before sunset and the fasting customers seem to go crazy and urge us to feed them ? Make up your mind, no time for double standard here ! I could also just as well be fasting, All my flights have been arriving back in Dubai between 1 am and 7 am, resulting in me sleeping all day long...and this has an effect on my eating habit, I have been eating less and less. Does it ever happen to you, to think about doing things, so much so that you actually think that you are doing it with out physically moving lol I have been feeling that way all month long, spending way to much time on Facebook and looking at my laundry basket getting bigger and fuller by the nano second... In between this hibernating life that I created for myself, I went to Munich again, and had this lovely Senior from Russia , who in the midst of having a bit to much wine decided to dance Salsa, and I joined her... She then decided that I should go for salsa classed, which I did when I got back... My mind is so strange lol I'm lazy enough to not do my laundry, but energetic enough to go to salsa classes 2 - 3 times per week and at night ! Oh Well lol

In other news, also went to Rome, my first time in Italy, was so beautiful, the timing was a bit off, we land past 3pm and go back the next day at the same time, so basically we had to run to the city visit as much and as quickly possible and run back to the hotel and rest ! But was worth it, I love this city, I will definitely need to go back there both as a passenger or crew. Following my Rome , I was rostered to go to Moscow, but coming back from Rome, the flight was delayed and because of legality reason , meaning getting days off, enough sleep yadiyadiyada , I was removed from doing the Moscow flight and put on airport Stand by 4 days later from midnight to 4am.... Crew seem not to be calling in sick and reporting for duty more now with the economic crisis in the world and everyone wanting to secure their jobs lol this resulted in me not being called out for a flight and heading back home after spending a night at the stand by lounge . Next stop, my long awaited flight with my best friend Deon to Beijing, I actually swapped my third Zurich to do it with him, many reasons, I was curious to know if my patience would survive, as I'm kind of anal when it comes to work lol and also us going to A380 , wanted to see what it would be like working with a close friend... So the flight was everything I expected, of course I was annoyed at times lol that's just me being me and wanting to control the whole universe , Time in beijing was awesome, and it makes a difference to see places and explore with someone you know. The trip back was so fun, there was such a good dynamic between the crew, well almost all, we were the ones putting some life into the crew atmosphere lol We rule !

Next stop San Francisco, a 50 hour layover but a 15 hour flight or more !

Click for pictures : Rome - Beijing

In my personal life a lot has been unfolding and folding lol But not giving up...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Am I sadistic ?

This life is truly a wonder.... always throwing surprises at us, good or bad, it's a question of how you embrace what you are being served, and that itself is the whole challenge of loving life and enjoying every second of it. We all want things to happen in a second, instant gratification , always failing to remember that hard work and patience releases more pleasure in us at the end. The past few weeks, I've been asking myself why I place myself in impossible situations, or worse in unsolvable enigmas ! I must admit I love a good challenge, no matter how big the headache, this would explain, me moving from Haiti to Canada, and now to Dubai, of course I have no regrets, just sorrows for the sacrifices that had to be made to be where I am now at this stage of my dramatic life. This bring me to the biggest question that haunts my whole existence : What do I do with Love, the ultimate reason for being alive ? I say to myself, Love is in what ever I do, my job, friends, social activities...and basically loving myself and what I do , Loving my life ! How ever, of course, we all need to love someone, that person we all call and want to call our other half ! I would like to meet that person who came up with these rules about what love should and should not be. This life has been define by so many standards enough to make me think that I'm probably a sadistic human being ! But am I really ? or it's just the social realm in which our lives have been bordered with that is the devil in all of this ? I always tried to live my life in my own terms rules and standards, and I always question formality and rules, explains why my parents keep telling me that I was not accepted at an all boys catholic school run by priests , due to my ever growing curiosity disabling my ability to submit myself to any kind of authority .

In other news, reminding myself this is a blog about my travels lol I've completed my German adventures by going to Frankfurt, so unless Emirates opens up new destinations to this so beautiful country , I've done them all lol . I just arrived from my second trip to Zurich, again another beautifull destination.... Cannot get tired of going to Europe !

Next trip is my first ever Italian destination, and no better to start with then Rome...

Pictures : Frankfurt

Till next time...xoxo

Oh wait , almost forgot, I had 5 days off, and Deon and I decided last minute to head of to the land of Gods, Greece, and had a blast, the best unplanned vacation in my life, short as it was, it was sweet !

Cities I've visited