Sunday, November 15, 2009


November being my second to last bottom bid position, I really did not expected any good flights, but when I saw JFK on my roster, I thought there has to be some silly mistake at scheduling. I was very excited to go to the Big Apple, one of the most exciting cities in the world, and to find out that we stay in Times Square was even more exciting . The way to JFK was good , the weather in the city was not at it's best but it is New York city and no way will I stay in my room ! First stop was of course Times Square to be dazzled by all the light generated by the surrounding humongous screens ! This was not my first trip to New York, but this city just dazzles you every time. Now to the juicy part, the return sector... O M G lol , the flight was full in all 3 classes , by the time we finished boarding, I was drained, thinking of off loading myself from the flight . It was a marathon that lasted 13 hours ! But being in New York was worth it !

I have 3 turn around and London at the end of the month before I start training to fly on the A380 !


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