Monday, April 26, 2010

While in BKK (Bangkok)

Don't let the title fool you , I am in deed in Bangkok but sitting down in the room and taking it very very easy ! First of all we are now staying at the airport hotel because of political turmoil in Bangkok, so not so much things to do except eat sleep and drink ! Just ordered some Pad Thai and a strawberry milkshake , but I don't think they have a clue on how and what it is, just got ice and strawberry flavored milk ... oh well !

I have to add that BKK is the easiest flight to operate, short and sweet and a nice layover, but for some reason I seem compelled to swap them for CDG flights lol which I did not get any of for the month of May ? Maybe the rostering community decided that I have done too many of them , 10 to be precise since January .

In other news, my personal life seem to be stabilizing these days (or thats an understatement of me being involved in a lot of drama lol)

I have 15 days of leave next month also and I have no clue where to go, Never thought this situation would happen to me, I am a bit exhausted of flying all the time to get somewhere, and as a passenger it is even more tiring ! So might probably stay in Dubai and handle my social life , and probably have my sister over !


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