Monday, June 8, 2009

Going home again !

Off I am to my second leave this year, and where other then Montreal. Last time I went was back in april and it was full of drama (knocking on wood that this time will be all the contrary) so far my pattern is very familiar, last time I had a Dubai-Brisbane-Aukland pairing which is a 14 hour flight and I went directly after to Montreal via Toronto another 14 hours in the opposite direction, this time, I had a Dubai-Melbourne pairing, 14 hours also, got back in Dubai at 11am, and left for the airport the same day at 11am for a 2am departure to JFK landing there at 8am and taking another plane to YUL at 3pm...exhausted, yes I am, as I'm seating at JFK terminal 8 waiting to board my plane. With 5 hours to kill, I decided to got to Manhattan as the transport is very convenient from the airport, just catch the air train that goes directly to Jamaica station which is on the blue line (e), and that goes to pen station near Times square the major artery of New York City... once there I went on to Madison avenue , one of the most expensive streets there, with all the major stores, I was on the hunt of La Maison du Chocolat Paris (house of chocolate) to purchase some delicatessens. Back to my flight, I make an habit not to attract to much attention if I'm traveling on EK as a passenger, this said, I was disappointed to the crews attitude, and really got a good understanding as why some passengers do not bother to say please or act politely with us, there is nothing uglier or more rude then someone working and not even able to deliver an honest smile, this kind of attitude makes me wonder, why do they even bother working ? Personally some passengers can kill all good will left in me, but I still find a way to get over it...enough said...humans will be humans.

Check out pictures from my melbourne flight and the uniform :

Melbourne pairing


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