Friday, October 2, 2009

So you want to be a Cabin Crew !

I wanted to post about this a while back but a thing called laziness was holding me back. Personally , this is the best job ever, sure I had to make some great sacrifices to work for one of the world best airlines... but we only live once ! anyway only time will tell, and I'm enjoying my time to the fullest. I wanted to be a cabin crew because I truly love flying and flying around the world is even better. Now, of course you need to be ready to hold a smile non stop for hours and hours, and I manage to do that 90 % of the time, I can't say much about the people that I have been working with... So why exactly makes you want to be cabin crew if you are not ready to do a simple task as to smile ? And some people seem to be confusing this job to a High Executive job, complaining day in and day out about salary , which by the way are very competitive considering in Dubai , apartment and electricity are paid for, and free transportation to and from work and did I mention no taxes. I find the job very easy but demanding on the body and because of all the grumpy and spiteful people hard on the moral . But I try to make the best out of every flight, the best way to do that is not to give in to the constant gossip and laziness !

So if you are thinking of becoming a cabin crew, and think that it's a princess job ! Think again and pray that you are not on the same flight as me, cause I will remind you that your ass does not actually weight 2000 lbs so start working lol


Went to San Francisco , check out the pics : San Francisco

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Fe said...

haha love it so straight to the point! I was a rep for 6yrs and it was exactly the same everyone gossiping and complaining, thinking it was going to be easy! I loved it! I start for Etiahd next week and cant wait!

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