Sunday, October 19, 2008

And the wait starts

It's been a crazy day (screening) we were about 40 or so and ended up 17 after a 10 hour day of interviews, tests , you name it...I am so nervous, more so that I am so close to having my dreams fulfilled times 100. A lot of things are popping up in my head, what will I bring , how many luggage etc...Do I really really want to do this, move ? AGAIN ! Hell yeah, my philosophy has always been that you only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE (and yeah I'm addicted to that soap opera, my guilty pleasure). 

Let's recap what I did in 2008 :

Jan - Go to Airline interview out of nowhere

Feb- Got the call, oh my god I'm freaking out !

Mar- Still working my desk job, and can't wait to bail out

Apr- Last days at Desk Job, oh my god again, it's coming true , I'm gonna be working in the air

May- 5 week training, who would have thought it would be that intense.

Jun- First pairings, Paris, London, Vancouver, life is sweet.

Jul- More awesome Pairings and gosh I love this JOB

Aug- Started good, loved Glasgow, but who would have seen it coming (only the owners), The airline folded...snif snif...I knew it was too good to be true my job snif snif

Sep- Trying not to be too depressed, but turned down 1 job, but a desk job, nice conditions, but got hired by another airline, yeah, but no international i.e. Europe. OH, and went to preselection and passed for the BIG AIRLINE.

Oct- WoW, is the only thing I can say, I would never imagine in 2008 I would get opportunities, not by 1 but 3 and maybe 4 airlines . WOW. Got to Final interview with the biggest one. Fingers , toes are crossed.


Melissa said...

Hope things work out in the end hon! The wait is pretty excruciating, so don't stress too much over it. Take care.


C to the G said...

Thanks, I've been reading your blog, pretty cool, the wait is crazy ! They said 1 to 3 weeks, week 1 down lol

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