Sunday, October 26, 2008

What...second place ?

Life just got weirder, I have been taking dance classes, Latin International, since my unemployment status, my teacher seeing how I was in the studio all the time, proposed to me to do some dance competitions, well obviously I said yes being bored as I was. Well last night was my first ever competition and boy was I nervous, shaking and everything, I messed up in so many places...but the shocker...I got second place...what is going on, maybe we actually see our selves in such a perfectionist point of view compared to others watching us ! My dance partner keeps saying that she went to see a medium who told her that she would finally meet her perfect partner to help her achieve a competition and winning goals...GOD...does this mean no EK for me ? I think that's what made me more in shock when I heard the announcer saying our names for second place...Is her medium right ? Anyway tomorrow starting my training with small fries airline, hopefully the newcomers to the business will keep me entertained with their naive questions lol

So 1 week dowm 2 to go for EK to let me know if they want me or not...eeek

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