Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Desert Safari...First Aid....Last days of training !

So much to say...where to begin...I went on a very cool desert safari and I had a blast (click on link below to see pics) . First aid was a night mare as I had to reseat the exam, shame on me, but hey some people like blood other don't :). In 2 days I will be graduating and will be working 8 flights for the month of february , going to Perth (Australia), Munich (Germany) , and (I love this one), London (England) here I come again...I just can't wait !!!

Pictures link : First Aid  ,  Desert Safari  , Ride in the desert .

Enjoy and next time I will be blogging I will officially be a certified Cabin Crew for Emirates.


Anonymous said...

Wow,from your posts to waiting and waiting, to having blood shots done and now to this flights to Perth and London...All the best to your flying career.

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Great work man.......... keep it up......... Cheap Flights to Accra

Johan Silver said...

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