Thursday, January 29, 2009

Graduation...Now life goes back in full gear !

Graduation, I somehow felt indifferent like a been there done that before thing, mind that I'm not 20 years old and this is not my first airline...but never the less grateful to have this opportunity...Life is so weird specially when you past the 30(age) line...What am I doing here ? is this really worth it ? I know I know, we only have one life to live and we should make the most out of it, the problem is we don' t  really know how to balance all of it , do we ? One thing for sure is that I love flying and surely that can' t make me miserable, even with the worse of customers on board. It is so strange being surrounded by people younger then yourself, makes you feel good when they don't suspect or even care about your age ( must admit it helps when you don't look a certain age ). I sometime wish I could just not over think certain situations and just live the moment, unfortunately we were given a brain and a conscience and that does not help our case. I should be great full for what I have accomplished in my life and considering the long way I have been through...but I must say ever since I was a kid I allways saw myself working in the airline business, so at least I'm proud and happy that I am doing and accomplished a dream of mine. Do not ever give up, life is tough but with determination anything is possible with in reason and never settle for complacency fight hard and beleive in what you are worth !

Graduation Pics: Graduation

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