Friday, January 9, 2009


Ok so I finally get a break from studying like a mad man and can take the time to write about my experience so far !

After 3 weeks in the sand pit, life is still strange, I feel at times that this is not real, I probably mentioned it before, but Dubai is so fill of extremes and so many contradictions, leaving me still chocked confused dazed and purely lost. The only normality is when I'm either in my room tired as hell or at aviation college having my brain fed too much information in a short period. At my last airline training was 5 weeks and it seemed to dragged on forever, with EK it is 6 weeks, but mind that the first week is induction, sort of welcoming week filled of bureaucratic paperwork this and that formalities and of course medical checks again... in between being poked for some blood. Next comes week 2 where we start learning about the aircrafts, EK has 2 types : Airbus and Boeing, but the fun is that they have different models :) A330, 340, B777-200, 300 ER LR ULR. On that week we learn the airbus and some general safety topics, we get 3 exams in week 3 on general safety Airbus and Boeing planes. General safety I must admit was fun, to be training on real moving simulators and not just dummy ones is an experience, at times I felt like I was on a ride at Six Flags (amusement park), we also did fire drills and had to put out a real fire (as short as the experience was). After 3 weeks, I was due for some phone, what better way to dance the whole stress off, so some of my batch-mates went to Zinc and I can't even remember the last time it fell so good to shake my bonbon lol 3 weeks down and 3 to go before graduation which falls 4 days after my birthday (wish I was getting younger lol), and boy can't I wait to start flying, so that this feeling of loneliness and pure depression that I keep having from time to time goes away... I know it is natural to miss people , but missing someone you love is just pure torture...But I will be able to take up to 16 days leave before July so will be planning to go back to Montreal at least 2 times till then and treat myself to some TLC (Tender love and care).

By the way I'm writing this post on pool side at the hotel on another endless blue sky, but believe it or not it's freezing lol

Almost forgot to say how the traffic here is the worse I ever experienced, maybe comparable to Montreal at rush hour after a bad snow storm, it's lunacy, how ever the taxi fares are the cheapest I've ever seen, the taxi drivers out of 10 my score is -100, they are bad , no they are TERRIBLE lol

stay tuned...

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Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog said...

Look I'm not a fan of needles, so if you can prepare me for how many times during the medicals they will draw blood I would appreciate it.

I was wondering what the weather was like in Dubai, so now I'll know to pack some warm stuff as well. Seeing as I'll be in Dubai in eleven days.

Hope you survive the rest of the training and heartache. The best remedy is to keep busy and have lots and lots of fun.

Goo luck!

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