Thursday, August 27, 2009

Concentrated Post :)

So I was avoiding blogging a bit after a censorship fiasco down at fellow blogger Airboy ! What have I been up to ? Just go through the good ones, did not had bad ones , just mixed feelings lol I dead headed to Bangkok on the A380 and in business class, I think Business and up is the only way to travel, how am I ever gonna be able to sit in economy with out complaining ! this was my first time there, as I did not see the attraction or felt motivation to go there and with reason. Arrived there late at night, and it was decided by the crew to go out for diner , yes we did, I'm a bit picky on exotic food i.e. food I would not usually cook myself, but I was surprised by the Thai food (yes first time eating it) and it was yummy yum yum lol next we were off to this street full of people mostly foreigners on vacation trying to fulfill some fantasy , most likely a dirty one , and full of those same foreigners, myself included, drunk out of their minds...I think I threw up part of my brain after that night lol enough said :)

I also did my first Indonesian flight to Jakarta, it was a 48 hours layover that I could not be bothered to get out of the hotel... so spent that layover by the pool and ordering drinks and getting sucked dry of my blood by mosquitoes and what nots ! Then got a Calcutta layover again but this time a 24 hour layover, so some time to brief, and something unusual, I went out clubbing, well with 5 Local crew on board, I was willing to go on an adventure , knowing that I was with people who knew the place. It was an experience to see people dance to music that yourself are not used to... Well thats why I love this job, keep discovering :).

I just came back from a layover trip from Kuala Lumpur, very clean and all around nice city, somehow I only managed to take pictures of the Petronas
Towers, one of the worlds tallest buildings, I was going at it click click click not realizing that I was not taking any other pics !

Now to the part some of you just gag to hear about, the ranting : One thing I absolutely get a seizure from , is crew trying to impress the seniors , and the way they go about it by overdoing what is expected of them , its almost like eating an over-glazed crispy cream doughnut ! It was too much sucking up, I had to give my self a bath room break to scream out my pure disgust ! I admit it feels good to get recognition for a work well done, but why not do it all the time and be happy with yourself for delivering excellence ! after all that's what expected of us ! Anyway... the other thing that absolutely makes me run for my EpiPen is crew talking so loud in the galley that you can hear them on the plane flying 25oo feet above ours ! I mean jeez...oh and before I forget, this one I need to have an aspirin near by cause it's hear attack worthy, crew that act like they are better then others and they just deliver poor poor poor and poor service ! god bless them...

September roster is out...and being Top bid got almost all that I asked for, starting with no turn around yet again, 2 Zurich, Rome, Moscow, Nairobi and the mother of all wanted destinations, San Francisco with a 48 hour layover ! now thats something to shout out, God Help me :)

Later babes...

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