Monday, August 31, 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc...BOOM


Ah ! the pleasures and insane displeasures of working at 35000 feet . Flying with girls and being the only male on board proved once again faithful to the tension between them, you would think you are on planet venus in the middle of a world war ! Why are women so aggressive towards each other , its as if they had a point to prove and everyone of them had to make a statement on how things are done as to their knowledge and screw company standards ! unbelievable... If I was a woman I think I would love to look my best and not chew my nails in front of customers while on my jump-seat, if I was a woman I certainly would not complain like a raging pig in front of customers as if EK was owned by my father , If I was a woman I would make more then an effort to smile and not look like a man who came out of a sex change operation ! I would most likely try to do my job instead of complaining about small things that will not change the situation or my future in the company !

I really don't understand why with such an easy job filled of perks why some people find the energy to complain and complain more then working ! Just do your bleep bleep job for crying out loud. And when complaining is not enough, they move on to rumors this and that when clearly the possibility of them being true or not even at one percent. The thing that just drive me insane is when someone acts as if they have class when in fact they are far from having any ! For instance we have this service quality appraisal form to complete by surveying the customers on board, one of the girls starts righting what is an invention of her non functioning brain or should I say lazy brain and of course I had something to say about it : Out of 300 customers you could not manage to talk to one of them ? - as I'm writing , I hear : Fuck off ! - I immediately turn around and shout to her face : Did you just say FUCK OFF ? - obviously the terrified 5ft7 girl could not even fathom to admit her foul mouths creation... Really makes me wonder how the hell these people even pass through the interviews, sure it's easy to pretend to be the best person for a job, but why would I even do that if I know that I'm not made for that kind of working environment. On another note, some crew confuse being hard working i.e. fast bar service, fast clearance, to just being courteous and nice both to customers and colleagues. I mean customers come back for our service, being the attention we give them to a smile, not the uncaring speed that we throw a drink at them ! And also, I swear if I see another crew reset the call bells on a 5 hour flight I will slap them silly...

In other news, I made through the application process for working on the A380 fleet and just can't wait, I'm also happy that my partner in crime also made it through ! Fun times ahead !

Over and out !


Melissa said...

My Goodness! I'm so checking your roster to see who it could be... Telling someone to F*** off is totally unacceptable, especially if its a team member! You should have reported them! Filth like that doesn't deserve their upgrade!

AviatonCrazy said...

This is purely the reason that Emirates has been termed a "bag of mixed nuts" as you get some crew who go the extra mile, and then some who well are everything you mentioned in this post. Wish me luck when it's deja vu all over again when I fly EK from New York. Really don't want cabin crew either male or female on a 14 hour non-stop stretch with such behaviour!!!!

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