Sunday, August 9, 2009


When I was bidding for Cape Town flights last month , I really did not know what to expect, or just did not pay attention on what the other cabin crews where saying about it. This is a 9 hour flight to and from there with a 2 hour time difference which is good after a long flight not to suffer to much jet lag. First big smile on my face is entering the briefing room and realizing that I flew before with one of the seniors, so stress on this flight from my peers is to strike out from my mental list. On to the flight itself, 314 passengers in economy for 9 hours is something , with 8 cabin crew at their each and every wish ( call bells to summon us). Right to the point , the flight there was HELL, fantastic crew though, but HELL of a flight, 100 Vegetarian meals requested aside the children meals, we call those special meals, and of course, OF COURSE, half of those people switch their seats on a full flight and it took us what seem like for ever to give out those meal and deal with all the customers who changed their seats and we could not get a yes or a no from them on if they had ordered a meal or not...CRAZY...and I still don't understand what it means when you ask for a simple yes or know and you get a funky head roll as if it was a compass trying to point north (in the north pole) ! Other amazing thing I experienced during the flight, customers helping themselves to the unattended bars while we are out in the cabin distributing meals, I could not believe my eyes, but amazingly enough, no one took any champagne, just goes to show what goes on in these fools mind ! Some reasonable customers, and thank God for them, felt sorry for us, one of them told us that they cannot comprehend on the fact that we serve so much alcohol (free) on board, and on how demanding the customers were to us and rude as if we were there own personal genie ready to make anything happen, like the guy at 43 charlie using the call bell to ask me to come close the window blind for him ! or 24 Golf who wanted me to come clear his empty cup of soda ! and it just goes on and on and on...and how can I forget customer 30 delta pointing out cheese the cake that was walked over on the isle and flatten out to the extent of becoming part of the cabin floor, and asked me to clean it up !!! Professional that I am, I did, but the way she asked me to do it ! Hello are you suffering from some post bossy down syndrome ! Out of all the going up and down ridiculously to satisfy the needs (some not to say most , TRIVIAL) of the customers, one sweet couple terrorized by all the craziness of their other fellow travelers, found the need to tell me that this was their best flight in term of service, as we managed to keep it together and still be nice to everyone (well almost lol) and that needed a recognition from them...and that kind of notice makes the job worth while amongst the zoo that the cabin becomes after take off ! On a more positive note, the return sector was way more quiet and happier customers to deal with.

In other news, you probably figured out that EK 770 is the flight number for Cape Town lol A beautiful city with lots and lots of natural beauty...I would go again, but either as a passenger or after I recover from the psycological effects of this trip.

Check out the pictures : CAPE TOWN

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It is some time later, but I was actually on this flight as well, but in the quieter First Class cabin, I do appreciate the staff, as this particular flight, was the best I have ever taken due to the wonderful staff, I have even written to Emirates to thank them for their efforts. They stood out from any service I have experienced in restaurants or hotel. You guys all do an amazing job, I know that sometimes you come across people who make it their mission to complain and cause trouble, but you are doing an excellent job and should be proud

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