Saturday, August 1, 2009

What am I talking about ?

Now how much is too much, why do we not know when to quit ? Is this what life is all about, taking chances , multiple ones at a time and risking everything, and for what ? some for spontaneous pleasure others for long term and most of us , we are lost, just act on an impulse with out knowing or understanding the very basic fundamentals of it all. The figuring out part can basically lead to depression or craziness, as trying to understand our actions can lead to disturbing revelations about ourselves that are in opposition to our beliefs and to the very core of who we think we are or see ourselves as. We take decisions all the time that we don't want to, but convince ourselves that they are right, thus where friends come in and remind us of the sermon we keep telling them over and over again, but even then it still feels right when it's so wrong. I guess the main problem with us humans is that ever incomprehensible and mysterious thing we call feelings. They always seem to take over any logic we might come up with to get out of a situation that we deem risky and that we pre evaluated as a dead end to our happiness . Is to much happiness a good thing or a bad thing, I personally for some crazy and unbalanced reason find it as a cake with too much sugar, it is sweet with the first bite but a whole plate can leave you with a tummy ache... and most relationships seem to be like that , specially when we jump onboard to quickly and by listening to feelings and not logic. But feelings are what we rely on to move forward on an impulse ? I would say yes, but I need to control those impulses for my sanity sake lol On another matter, when do we know that we are in the same boat as those we call Desperate lol ? I think these days I've acting like a desperate fool lol and I need to come back down to earth and realize that my well being in every department of my life only depends on me and not others ! That's what living in such a place called Dubai can do to you. Not thinking rationally and acting on impulses and immediate gratification. But there most be a logical explanation to all this ? after all we are superior animals said one biologist in comparing humans to animals , them being inferior. They call earth the lonely planet, and we seem to live our lives as lonely as possible, creating clans , groups, etc. It must be a reverse karma treated to us by life for complicating it. Fair enough I say. We are so filled of judgement and criticism, except when it comes to ourselves that we deem the most perfect being of all. Vanity is surely part of our DNA composition, after all God created us to his image ! but then again that only counts for Christians and what ever else religion that read the same bible. So then maybe he did not create us to his image, and we are just randomness completely lost with no guidance and out of control. Now that makes more sense, cause this world seems to be lost and out of control !

Later my sweet fools !


kostas73 said...

I think you're putting too much pressure on yourself, being human you should allow yourself to stray off course every now and again as long you realise it's the exception to the rule. too much logic can be like a chain that shackles you to a mundane existence. logic is a good guide but feelings give you the extraordinary, so I guess by deduction it would be logical to listen to your feelings sometimes, the two are not mutually exclusive. figuring out which one to follow is where the fun (or real test of oneself) is ;-)

Anonymous said...

kosta73 u should honestly get a life

kostas73 said...

so mature anonymous! a cheap shot behind anonymity, well done!

Anonymous said...

I liked your post C. However, as your friend, I am really curious to see what is underneath at this thinking you are doing now.
I think I agree that Dubai can be a place where we take impulsive decisions, where we can lose track of things and being mixed with feelings and rationality. I would say when you have these thoughts, just remember why you are here and it will help having a clearer idea about the things you wonder about ;)

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