Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Confession !

This is going to sound crazy but hey to each their own lol I'm  addicted to television , more so to soap operas, yes you read right, I can't go a day with out my ONE LIFE TO LIVE or ALL MY CHILDREN , it seems like the more absurd the story gets the more I love it, it is beyond me and it is the worse drug lol...How did it all started ? believe it or not since I was 10 or younger, as My mother was somewhat addicted to it we always watched it together , on a plus note, if it was not for that my english would not be what it is right now, my mother tongue being french OUI OUI.

But that addiction has extended to reality shows : Survivor, The amazing race (the best!), Big Brother, Dancing with the stars, So you think you can dance!, American Idol.

The best show I think is The Amazing Race, to be able to go around the world in such short time and seing a lot is really something, I guess it relates to me as I'm doing the same thing with the career I have chosen for myself.

So in all I feel better having confessed to you....:)

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