Monday, November 24, 2008


Why is waiting so hard , why can't I be patient ( 3 months not working maybe), why can't I decide what to do for the next 18 days, why is it so cold and please no snow storms ? I know all of this will be soon irrelevant as I will be beyond and past these questions...but danm it's long, I'm going madddd.  

So it's been a good 10 days since I sent all the medical forms to EK and no word except that they will get back to me...In the mean time , I have been reading posts on PPRUNE a forum for Cabin Crew and mostly Flight Deck Crew, and found out that EK has a new AbInitio class starting every week, which should not come as a surprise with all the expansion being planned, almost 120 cabin crews to be hired per week to fill all the A380 and B777 on order. It surely helps to know that others are waiting as impatiently as I am.

I'm off to eat some chicken wings lol 

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