Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Medicals Medicals Medicals

As happy as I was to get a call from EK, I just spent a day going around town finding a good doctor to get all the battery of tests required done, my aim is to join sooner then dec 12th...will see...after being poked for blood I though they would open my heart open too, in order to make sure it works perfectly, anyway, manage to do all my tests, and should have a review with the doc next week, then scan and email to EK. In other news, I resign from small fries airlines lol and boy it fell good, even if EK said not to quit your job, but I was only in my first week of training...will see lol.


CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

Hey how much did you pay for medicals si c est pas trop ca m a couté 500$$$ dans une clinique industrielle, j ai appellé 2 endroits et les deux place c etait la meme chose...mon docteur de famille voulait rien savoir de m aider...
puis as-tu la copie des chest x rays, pas moi ils m ont juste donner un rapport mais pas le x ray..reviens moi la dessus, merci

C to the G said...

Well 572$ for the laboratory fees 30$ for the doctor, and 349$ for the shots !!! Crazy, yes, but most of it is refundable by my private insurance.

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