Friday, November 21, 2008

Danger ?

I was thinking a lot these days, how safe is it to be blogging on the internet. Ones identity could be easily stolen from all the information available, not to mention FACEBOOK, where do we draw the line between virtual and real ? Why can't we go back to the old age of writing and sending by courier  (I'm delusional I KNOW). I think deep down I'm trying to find a reason to stop my blogging addiction while I can, but I know it has been triggered by the 3 months of unemployment that I have been maintaining so well ( recap: 4 job offers and turned down 3). So now I'm trying to figure out if either I'm desperate for attention or it's just in my head lol...Attention never hurt no one lol I know some people who are terrified to even have an MSN account, they view the internet like the son of satan lol (maybe exaggerating, but that's the feeling I get). I think the title should have been CONFESSION OF ON THE COMPUTER. LIfe is so different in a develop country then a country that has nothing. When I lived in Haiti, I was always going out and socializing, in Canada, I'm always home, on the internet, chatting, watching way too much TV (and that's another dangerous topic to come). While you get to communicate with the world, Life seemed so much simpler with out it...I guess the more you know the more you think, thus comes the headache lol or maybe the more information you have access too the crazier you get lol who knows ? 

I must acknowledge that some bloggers out there are really good, and it is a real talent to publish in such artistic way your life adventures. And maybe that's where the inspiration comes from and makes you forget all the dangers, because anything in life can happen you never know when it will stop. So I will be and keep doing what makes me happy and what I find pleasure in.

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CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

You are right. Where should we draw the line as bloggers. I have been spending way too much time on the internet and watching tv as well lately... :S
I think I am a bit bored and that is why. Sometimes I spend so much time away from tv that I dont know whats going on in the world but now...whoaaa Im the biggest couch potato!!!!!

As for confidentiality, it is scary, but just by going to the bank machine or leaving your appartment 5 minutes (burglars..etc) is a risk now. Or just by participating in some contests, uses our info to collect data...

I liked your post!


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