Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modern Secretary !

I thought the interview process was something...boy was I wrong...after a week of running around Doctors office and Laboratories I finally got my results...Yes yes I'm fine as a newborn baby, thank God ! So now the task was to email all the paper work , reports to EK... thus begins the adventure in office work lol...spent all night scanning and emailing, remember there is an 8 hour difference between YUL and DXB (time zone, its a 14hour flight) , so started scanning at midnight and finally went to bed a 2am only to wake up with a message saying that my files are to big !!! Eeek and double this morning took my time to understanding the scaner and how it works, mind that I never scanned something before lol...So finally managed to scan in PDF files instead of JPEG (I will not explain lol) and the email went throught, so now have to wait for tonight when Dubai wakes up to find out if it's OK and hoping for a sooner joining date. Oh next step I have to go get a battery of shots....tripple eek time a million !

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