Friday, March 27, 2009

Ha..Ha...Ha...Paris and...

What a week ! After my Brazil stint I was sure I would not get another flight for at least a week, so Sunday night went out with Carine , fellow Montrealer and some of her friends (6 other girls), the night started a bit boring for me but ended up great as we switch from Barasti to Zinc lol One would think I would be tired or something, but no, I decided to go again for a second back to back dose of Zinc, but this time it was more a bust then a blast, oh well. Tuesday, I slept almost 11 hour s ( a record to be broken in a few I woke up at 4pm and had breakfast around 5pm, a mushroom omelette, I have to say that I'm getting better and better at cooking eggs lol around 1 am (Wednesday now) Brit calls me up for diner (Yes 1 am lol) , soon after a full stomach of good food, I call EVITA ( since I was on reserve from 4 am to noon) to find out if there was any changes to my roster, and there and be hold, I got pulled out to operate a Paris flight departing at 8 am, can I tell you how excited I was, finally I'm getting a flight where I am a language speaker and to one of the nicest cities in the world, a lot of flashbacks from my previous airline came back to mind, last time I was there was about 2 weeks before Zoom Airlines folded and it was my 3rd layover in Paris. Anyway, I had an hour left to get a small nap and get ready. Eventually no nap happened as I was excited like a baby, and thinking about french pastries and food, but more pastries lol As I got to the briefing prior to the flight, I realized that this was gonna be one of the best flights, there were 5 french speakers and all the crew was open and funny and relaxed, special mention to my purser who has to be one of the best so far that I had to work with ! The flight to Paris is about 7 hours, I enjoyed every second of it, I could not believe how much as I was talking to the customers (passengers for EK ) , speaking french was some kind of release for my, I just could not stop myself lol The passengers were especially happy to have someone converse to them in their own language, and I must say I did feel better also ! We land in Paris, and of course we stay in a nice hotel and from my room I noticed the old hotel I use to stay in, memories memories. No time to nap, took a shower and headed to the city, I kept falling a sleep in the train, I was seriously tired, but I would have the whole night to sleep it off. I immediately headed to LaDurée , supposedly one of Paris finest bakery. I can confirm that it was one of the best, I had an éclair and bought a dozen Macaroons (and ate every single one of them lol) I was in paradise, I will definitely need to have diner in their restaurant.


Got back to Dubai at midnight, and crazy as it my seemed, I slept a whopping 13 hours from 2am to 3pm, I just don't understand it lol I really think it's the Air conditioning that's causing my hibernation lol and I'm loosing more and more my appetite, people are telling me how thin I'm becoming, I certainly don't feel it, except on my pants that keep falling lol , I guess it's a good thing, but I will try to at least get the daily nutrients one needs to be alive into my body.

Before I end this post, I came to a sudden realization that I should not worry so much on things that don't need so. 

And here is a cute picture of the Brit at the Beach :

April roster is out : Auckland , Brisbane, Milan, Athens and annual leave to Montreal.

Later :)

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