Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sao Paulo, Brazil and Moving and Yes I can !!! (Updated)

The past 3 days have been really a series of unexpected activities for me. On the 12th I had airport stand by from 7 am to 10 am, my second for the month, last time I was pulled out for Dusseldorf in Germany, and this time luck would have it for me, and I got the jackpot , Sao Paulo in Brazil, always dreamed of going there one day, and there and behold, without notice here I was heading there, but at what price lol . I have to work a 15 hour flight going there and 13 hours coming back, and all a 28 hour layover, I would have to wire my system in other to make the most of my stay there. The flight thankfully was uneventful , however we had a Purser who's dedication to Emirates service delivery is quite remarkable and inspiring, that said, we work like horses to please the customers and pleased they were, first time I see passengers deplaning with huge smiles on their faces after such a long flight. Once there, the rest just not start, we had an hour and half bus ride from the airport to the hotel, I just could not believe it, my body and my spirit was aching for a shower !!! I must say, I really love this job, the hotel was one of the best I stayed so far, and my rating system for the Hotels is mostly base on the shower lol Because I'm a tall guy (not big TALL) not all the shower gives me the best comfort, for the curious my showers can last up to an hour lol I was spoiled this time, big spacious, open and a rain like shower head , what could I ask for more, well there was space for 3 or 4 people lol After taking a long and much needed shower, went to the crew lounge and binged on facebook (so addicted the past few days, and what's up with the new changes ???) then went to sleep in order to wake up early and soak up as much as I can of the city. Morning came, took another shower lol and went for breakfast, met up with fellow crew members and we were already planning the day, beautilful Liliana from Portugal was heading downtown and knows the place a bit, so I went with her. Sao Paulo must be the inspiration for Dubai because the traffic there is just ridiculous, I guess I will appreciate Dubai's jams better. Did I mention how humid it is there, breathing became a sport as I was sweating for every breath I took. Never the less, enjoyed the heat. So after walking around the city center, we were off to lunch at this place where you can eat as much as you can , but the beauty of it, they come to your table with all kind of meats and boy was my mouth melting, another weakness of mine , RED MEAT.
With a full stomach we headed back to the hotel, but on our way there, all the humidity of this place came to stop as out of nowhere it started to rain hard, reminds me a bit of Miami, with its unpredictable rain showers at any given time of the day and on sunny days. Once the rain had stop off we were to the hotel, and got 4 hour sleep before the wake up call and flight back to Dubai... after 15 hours from the time I woke up and got to the bus to the hotel back in Dubai, I called Britney (lol guess who) and asked what was up !!! the plan was to go out and party like there was no tomorrow, but first I was hungry like a nymph prostitute who had not had a client for a year lol I am a bit graphic when it comes to describing what I feel lol so I headed to Mcdonalds, by this time it's well over midnight... thinking that I would be dancing the night, we decided that we should use this energy to move to our new permanent accommodation . That we did ! Are you still keeping track of how many hours I stayed awake non stop !?!?!? Tooke me about an hour to jam pack everything into 3 suitcases 2 carry ons and 4 large shopping bags. The junk I have and keep, I do not understand ! Finally got to the new place around 2 am and it's about 4am and I am wrapping up this post... Yes I can , or am I some kind of vampire lol

Sao Paulo pictures : click me !


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