Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hyper active imagination looking for trouble !

Before I get to the title, I must say that I have finally tasted the salt waters of Dubai. I went to the beach ! once there, Jumeirah Open Beach, I was wondering why I did not do this before, it's like in Montreal I never went skiing in 7 years living there thinking I would always have time and the snow will always be there. There is something not quite magical but more smoothing of dipping yourself in the sea ! For me it is complete relaxation and temporary shutdown of the brain and all it's unnecessary thinking and over thinking (read previous posts). I went there with Deon (aka Britney) and of course we had the bests of times (more with our eyes then anything else lol) , later on, we finally had the chance , well more him, to go to Zinc on a monday night, what's so special on monday night one might ask ? Besides the fact that it's labelled a particular night but also that it's retro night, so 80-90's music, had a blast, and met up with superstar Airboy (lol ok overated he might say...). 

Now back to the subject at hand. My brain confuses me sometimes, if I think of something, the wildest and most impossible things, I will actually try to make it happen or even believe that it has already materialized  , and this with the fact that there is no way that it can take actual physical or living form . I think my brain is wired to interpret No's as Yeses and vice versa. I know curiosity is at it's peak when you are a child, but I seem to be more and more curious as I'm aging , it is starting to wear me down and I feel like I'm running a marathon, trying to take back control of my wildly brain activities lol a certain queen of pop would call my behavior as being Psycho... and I agree ! I think that boredom has a big role in this particular situation ... when I'm bored my mind goes into a bunch of scenarios and so well planned out that I actually believe it and take it for something that is real ! Scary, I think so too. I'm not totally at fault here, I am or was (well temporary hiatus) a soap opera fan and addict, sometimes I think my mind plays a trick on me (several actually) and a distortion between reality and fiction happens (maybe I'm in the matrix - see what I mean ) . I am having such a hard time disconnecting when I find myself in that situation, the only thing keeping me sain and close to reality so far has been going out and avoiding staying trapped in my room ! But then again, my brain gets it's energy by being alone and away from normal human socialization ?!?!? Blogging and Facebooking ain't helping it either... What to do ? What to do ? I'm writing this and thinking, boy I'm crazy, but at the same time, I think I'm lucky to be able to live out this sort of adventure and drama that my brain generates for me to play out and discover, I'm only getting to know myself better and also my limits ! The other good thing about it, is that I am conscious of my actions and that has to count for a bit of sanity in me (more of it hopefully then being mentally ill ).

That's it peeps...so far no flying since my Brazil stint and again I have a parade of days off...

Oh and Day at the beach pictures : click me !!!


Airboy said...

yes totally overated ! Good funny post you have there !

Anonymous said...

de plus en plus métaphysique le bébé

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