Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking (Part 1)

Why do we meet people ? Why some are fun and others plain boring lol why do we instantly get attached to some while others we don't give them the time or day or a fighting chance to get to know them... My theory would be irrelevant as all of us have our own patterns that fit  into our comfortable ways of life...As for myself, I can be super shy but my tendency will be to for people who are outgoing, more living their lives outside of the normal box, challenging existence and the day to day tralala. Yes, I can spend days on not doing one damn thing but when I do act it is worth all the days of being in a coma. But what happens when you meet someone that seems to be a reflection of yourself and more, these people I put them in the category of special and that you don't won't do lose track of. The most dangerous I think are the people to whom an attraction exists and they are the complete opposite of what you want or see life as it should be ! Now that human social  trap of meeting and falling for these people is pure hell mixed with pure joy . What am I talking about ? you know, that girl or guy for which you have a crush on and can't even explain in a rational or logical way , WHY ?

It is quite worrying once you let yourself venture through the roller coaster called emotions and feelings , specially when the object in question is non suspecting. Even more crazy is when you divert your attention to a normal situation thinking that all will go back to normal and it doesn't. I guess that if these situations did not exist, our lives would be ever so boring, but then again how many of us decide to live our lives to a full potential, it does not take money to experience something extraordinary , special, unique, life changing, enchanting, unforgettable. It only takes a will to accept life as it is and make the most out of it with all the opportunities that presents themselves to you (Now I feel like the author of a motivational book i.e. Secrets). Now if I had to look back at my own life 10 years ago, no way I would imagine that I would be on the other side of the planet and this after being on the top side of the planet (lol Canada). I have been blessed to meet so much interesting and some rare wonderful people, let us not kid ourselves there are some mean A-Holes out there lol And the most amazing is , I keep meeting those rare individuals that make life hole for me, that makes me look at it and take a step back and enjoy every second, after all, we were given life, who are we to debate on and on about when it will end or how to live it, just enjoy the ride and make it as good as you can, forget about those eyes looking and preying on you when you fall, if you do, get up and continue, after all who has time to bother with what people do, ok ok, some people have too much time, but hey, more of the world for you to enjoy !

Please note that I'm writing this as I am utterly bored to death lol


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