Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surprise : Dusseldorf, Germany

As previously stated, for the month of march I will be on reserve, which means I don't know where or when I will be flying, my first stand by duty was an airport stand by from 7 am to 10 am. The thing about airport stand by you have to pack for at least 6 days and for any season (i.e. winter summer) as you don't know where you will pulled out for. I get to the crew stand by lounge at EGHQ (Emirates headquarters , sort of emirates crew personal airport lol ) and after 20 minutes I hear my staff number called out and the lady there says : You are going to Dusseldorf ! I have to admit when she said that I was not actually jumping up and down, as I did not have a clue before I came to Dubai where that place was, she could have said Timbucktoo and I would not be the wiser. But, I was happy that it was a layover and I would be having my way wink wink lol This was one of the best flights I had so far, the German passengers are the best, and they flirt lol but people have a misconception about tall guys (me) they think that everyone will bow down to me, for example, and this is the second time, passengers are getting up while the seatbelt sign is on, and automatically I get called to go up and make them sit down, even if it's not happening in my area of responsibility, anyway, I don't mind lol 

Dusseldorf was nice, I definitely need to go back and discover it more... Nothing more to add ! Just that I want to go back ASAP ... so if I go , dear readers, you will get more yap yap about it !

Click for pictures =====>>>>>> Dusseldorf

Today is thursday and I'm already wondering if I will end up at Zinc, would love to try to go somewhere else for a change, but as long as I'm in good company and up to shenanigans , it's ok and it's alright lol 


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