Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thinking (part 2) - Obsession

Obsession people, why does it happen ? why can't we control it ? why does it have a strong hold on our lives ? I wish I could answer those questions ... and it's the smallest things that can trigger them ... one obsession I have managed to control : Airplanes. I use to walk or drive down a street and literally stare at them in the sky and forget what I was doing...crazy, yes I must and do admit ! Now that I work on them it's less of an obsession but more a perfect marriage... Now some people might have different and more pathological obsessions, like for example, one glimpse of someone's eyes or smile for just one second can trigger a whole set of emotions and put the denial system in full blown overload ! It is a silly obsession at the very core, but such a dangerous one. You can lose all sense of rationality or logic, believe in things , see things your own way, which will most likely never happen. But the obsession can be even more dangerous, when the object in question shows signs that favor the reaction ! I see that kind of obsession like a marriage that should not have happen and needs to be annul as quickly as possible in order to salvage any sanity. When I applied for EK, I was not that interested, specially thinking that no way they are going to take on a +30 year old guy... but when I got through the first part, which for me is the trigger for my obsession to get the job at that time, I just could not let go, I was breathing, eating, digesting EK 24/7, and now that I'm here I can't even recall what I was really feeling, as if I'm ashamed of my obsessive behavior at that time. It most likely is due some sort of defense mechanism in the brain, protecting me from self inflicted embarrassment lol Ok I just lost track of my Ideas, but one way to get rid of these obsessions is to talk about it, and if its towards someone, a living breathing HUMAN, than talk to them and get things clear...it's a Killer lol



AviatonCrazy said...

Glad that you are living your dream!! Not every body gets to dream them (though I have miles and miles as a passenger). But I'd rather be the one serving than being served!

marc_berto said...

intéressant tout ça

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