Saturday, March 21, 2009


What makes people tick ? In my case a lot of things, and the same amount of that can stop me and put me in a state of paralysis. Who does not wake up one morning and think they are going to have the best day ever, have everything laid out in their head, and of course destiny and this unpredictable life of ours will shatter all of it from the moment you open your eyes for the first time of the day ! I use to resent this occurrence that life keeps throwing at me ... but now (better late then never) I've come to accept it as who am I to think that I can control this life, I'm just here for the ride, so I better try to enjoy and appreciate every single moment of it . If only it was that easy ! I think that we are put in this state of conflict with our selves and our desires just so life would not be boring. What would be the point of having it all with out any obstacle in our way ? Life would be boring, as it's those challenges , those mountains (would say Moses lol) that really drive us, make us tick, work, think, for the good in us or the worse in us. I also need to learn to give and not expect something in return, and just seat back and appreciate the good or the smile I put on someone's face. Just Imagine how much better we would feel if we all started doing that, giving and caring freely for others with no strings attached ! It is quite an impossible task in real life, as we are also driven by our own personal needs which would be hard to put in a back seat ! But I wonder, have we not all had friends that put them selves second just to put a smile on our faces ? We should remember those instances when faced with the choice of making someone's day or ours ! And it's the simplest things, the small gestures, sometimes just a good morning or how are you doing that can make a difference in others life. How do we get there, now I don't have the answer to that ? But really, do we honestly even try ? I honestly can say that these past few days I try to put myself second, but it is tough to forget about ourselves for the sick of others, but the gratification of seeing the other happy is priceless. So go and makes someone's day ! (yeah yeah Emirates uses that also for us to apply to passengers and make their day).

In other news, I have not flown in a week !!! But went to the beach twice lol 

Later, as Britney would say, you fools lol

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