Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breathing again !

Finally got a call back from EK and will now be joining on the 19th of december. They say I will have the same itinerary , but all fingers crossed that I don't ! I advised them to put me on an earlier flight as the last one left me with no options to find and alternative airline and I only had a 2 hour time frame to make my connection in JFK. 

Feels good to breathe again lol


CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

Hey good to hear you are leaving soon...hopefully they put you on an earlier flight!
keep in touch

C to the G said...

Thanks, we should go for hot chocolate again lol

Sibyl said...

Glad to hear. well it gave you a chance to see our first snow storm. :)

CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

yes I missed you call yesterday.
I will call you tonight, lets go for hot chocolate again if you got time...cuz you are leaving soon soon. I got FA...YAY YAY YAAY

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