Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final Approval...Yipidi doo daa Yipidi Yeah

I woke up at 30 minutes past midnight and felt an urge to look at my blackberry and see if I had any emails, and there beholds 2 emails, both from EK, the first one telling me that I obtained final approval and the other one advising me to resign (well I'm not employed). I will be receiving my e-ticket and visa 4 days prior the date of joining which should be monday. Excited, yes I am !

Now I can finally start organizing my last days in Montreal , but with the cold weather, most likely I will just be separating my wardrobe and give away the clothes that I won't be needing for the next few years, keeping only some warm clothing for the cold destination, and obviously I don't have that much summer clothes, oh well, shopping spree is in the air lol (but where is the money ?)

1 comment:

CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

I am very excited for you. It must be so cool to have FA. Im joining you soon wohooooo

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