Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unbelievable !

I just arrived back home from YUL (Montreal international airport) , I was suppose to connect in JFK (New York International airport) via American Airlines and then DXB (Dubai International airport) via Emirates Airlines, the flight was scheduled for departure at 7:25 PM, I checked in at 6pm and the flight was showing a delay of 30 minutes...I cleared US custom (because in Canada you clear them at the airport) and went to the gate, gate 79, it was quite busy so I went and sit at the adjacent gate , gate 81. At 7:05 Pm which was the boarding time for my flight, I look up the monitors and see the really unexpected: CANCELLED. I rush to the gate and advise the gate agent that I have a connection in JFK and I can't miss it, that did not change anything for them as they were somehow giggling at my fate. Next step was to ask what was to happen to me as it was the last flight out to JFK for the day, she said that American Airlines responsibility is only to transport me from YUL to JFK and that I should contact my travel agent for my continuing flight to Dubai (Sweet of them!). Still in shock of what is unfolding, I rush to the mountain of paper work in my bag to find out that I don't have one single number to contact EK, so I decide to go online and try to find a number on their website, I got the reservation office number which is open 24/7 and they told me to contact the office on sunday and they will give me a new joining date. At this point, I'm frustrated and tired ! I really don't understand how American Airlines cancels the flight saying bad weather when an earlier delayed flight to JFK was leaving.

I really don't know what to make of all this, always knew traveling was stressful but this experience tops it.


CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

Oh no :CCCC
Je suis désolée, ca me fait de la peine pour toi :C you must be o disapointed...I was thinking of you today, that you were leavin and everything...leave with me on the 1st!!!!!!!!!we could fly together and do training too! Im being silly, sorry lol I know how you wanna leave ASAP so hopefully next week you'll go.

take care
ps did you talk to EK yet??

C to the G said...

Il est minuit et 13 et je suis encore sous le choc, frustré au bout...enfin...mon enthousiasme n'est meme plus au rendez vous. Je peux juste espérer qu'ils me trouvent un vol demain soit par Toronto ou New York encore ! Mais pour vrai, quand tu recevra ton billet assure toi que ton vol vers JFK est tres tot, moi j'avais juste 2 heures pour faire ma connection, au moins si c'était plus tot ils pourraient me booker sur un autre vol ou ligne. ENFIN. C'est sur que commencer le 1er avec toi serait le fun !!! on verra bien !

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