Monday, December 1, 2008

Credit cards, Customer service, eye test, snow storm !?!?!

There is nothing more unenjoyable then waking up mad as hell, it's like having ate a whole cake with lots of butter-sugar-vanilla frosting the night before...I mean poor customer service just make my adrenaline rush. It all started this morning when I received my credit card statement and not a new credit card since it expired in november ! So I called the customer service and thinking it would be a 2 minute call, I was very calm and collected lol So the nice lady says : I see here that your renewal was declined by the credit department. That is not something I wanted to hear, considering I pulled my credit report last friday and it was in very good standing not to say excellent. By now she had transfer me to the Famous credit department, and they tell me that if we declined you it has to do with your credit, so I ask him: What about it ? and he says that he is not in a position to tell me (LMAO), in my head I' m going : Oh REALLY God.....t !!! So I ask for a supervisor , and get the same treatment, now, here is where I get upset to a hot volcano boiling point, I have been a credit underwriter for the past 5 years and I know how it works, so I tell them that I need a logic reason to why you declined/refused my renewal, all I got is : Sir, it's your credit !. He tells me to contact VISA because they are the ones who take the decisions ! I tell him that when I applied it was with the bank and on my statement it does not mention VISA customer service but The banks customer finally I get his name and call customer service again (Kerwin is a name I will never forget!). I'm on the phone again with customer service, and this time they seem to have found their brains, the nice lady says that it really does not make sense and gets a competent guy to look at the file. Backtracking, I had told Kerwin that my card was compromised last month and I was reissued another one, and would that not have caused this issue, brilliant as he is, he goes: No, it's my credit !. So, it was indeed that incident and someone in the fraud department forgot to unblocked the reissue scheme on my account. The weirdest thing is that I inform them that I spoke to Kerwin and he was insistent that my credit was the cause, well, they tell me they don't have a Kerwin in their department. Just goes to show you, when ever you have a situation with a company and you know you are not at fault, INSIST INSIST INSIST.

Now, this morning I also woke up to an email from EK (IATA/ICAO code for Emirates Airlines) telling me that my medical forms are incomplete, to have my doctor fill out the EYE SECTION. About that, when I went for my medical, she told me that she can only have me read something (called Sneller test) and that was it, so Tomorrow I'm going to an ophthalmologist for a complete report ! The good thing about that email, I'm relieved to know that my file was not forgotten as they requested that I confirm that I will be able to Join on Dec-12th.

Interesting enough, it's getting warm today and last nights snow and ice is already melting ! I guess mother nature is delaying it's wrath.

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CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

Oh poor you, it was a crazy day as I can see. Don't worry, in 10 days you will be far from here where it is warm. I e mailed Ek today to find out if my medicals were complete and everything.

10 days...woahhh so soon.

Good luck with all your pre-departure stuff

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