Saturday, December 6, 2008

E-TIcket and Visa !

I just love the time difference between Montreal and Dubai, 9 hours and a 12-14 hour flight depending where you are departing, west to east is shorter. Once again woke up to a waiting email in my mailbox, this time the final piece do this crazy adventure to getting inside one of the biggest airlines in the world has arrived.  But sweeter then all the sugar in the world, is the fact that I will be flying on the amazing A380 from JFK to DXB...this really is the icing on the cake.


GirlonTour said...

I am thrilled for you...I cannot wait to hear about your experience on the big bus! I am yet to experience it myself.


EspacePrivee said...

hehe...can't wait to meet you in Dubai buddy:)
No STRESS now! lol

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