Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still waiting !

It has been 2 days since my missed attempt to join EK. I am now technically living out of my suitcase since I have no idea when I will be leaving. I have all sorts of negative ideas filling my head, every small thing irritates me, and I am hating more and more my behavior, but it is so easy to find an excuse, AMERICAN AIRLINES lol . I had hoped to get a call yesterday morning thinking that the meet and greet people there would have noticed that I am missing and try to contact me ! That is so puzzling...At this point, I better enjoy my time working there...I have invested to many brain cells burned by stress. The funny thing is which is somewhat positive, once I'll be finally on that flight to DXB, I'm sure I will forget all of this jigsaw adventure to get there. Just thursday night at YUL all the past 7 weeks of waiting seemed like a day ago, the brain is really a powerful thing, able to erase the not so good things when a good one happens. Yet we has humans seem to dwell on the bad for so long... hopefully I will not fall into that vicious circle. I guess to have more we must become more, as my mother puts on her msn status ! and it translates in that brain of mine as to have more one must be patient lol 


made_in_ukraine said...

Hey there,
So sorry to hear about your "adventure". I really hope that EK will be able to figure out the solution for you as soon as possible. I know how it feels when you live in anticipation of something that is so close and yet is beyond your reach or control. A friend of mine who attended the final interview with me in Osaka two weeks ago, got the call from Emirates today asking if he would be interested to join on February 20th. Lucky him. So, far, nothing for me: neither rejection email nor call. What sort of consoles me is that he got his call at 15:00 DXB local time (and I think they work till 3pm on Saturdays) and his last name starts with H while mine does with M. So, I am hoping to get the info tomorrow.

Once again, sorry to hear about your bad experience with AA. I truly hope things will sort out for you ASAP.

Sasha (made_in_ukraine on PPRUNE)

C to the G said...

Thanks, but somethings in Life you just don't have control over and life just goes on. But I look at it as an adventure also, not knowing what will happen next is just exciting, as well as frustrating, but Life would be so boring with out both :)

Take care and thanks for reading !

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