Saturday, February 28, 2009

Internal clock

It's once again 23 past midnight and I am wide awake, the past 7 days I did 3 turnarounds , and 1 layover. That's the winning formula to mess up your internal clock. Might I add that alcohol just seems to worsen the situation. I'm wide awake but everyone else is sleeping or is on a flight ! That's the downfall I think of this job, but still beats all the others. I can't complain either, went out 2 times in the past seven days , more then the past months all together lol so a big accomplishment there lol Today as we were landing into Dubai there was a huge (massive for me) sand storm and the plane was shaking as if it was a milkshake maker and I felt like the ice cream being blended into it.  It was so weird getting off the plane and into the bus, sand everywhere and in the air we breath, and it was scorching hot, I think it's a taste of what's to come in least we'll have a pool... I think I will get back my bronze colored skin of back when I lived in Haiti and going to the beach every week end, the good old days... Speaking of Haiti I recommend for some really nice pictures of my beloved country. This week was Carnival in every Caribbean country that respects itself lol it is pretty grand in Haiti considering all the political and economic difficulties it is facing ... never fails to surprise me how such a poverty stricken country manages to organize a 3 days dance marathon ! Too long to debate. 

For the month of march I will be on reserve, so I have no idea where I will be going in the days to come, hopefully exciting places and layovers !


CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

hi yeah my internal clock is so messed up too...i go to bed super late and i sleep in day time, which is UNcool when you are too much on the internet haha

I saw pics of the carnival in Trinidad from a friend. It would be funny to go to one of those someday.
call me anytime lets do something soon

Anonymous said...

Great to see the two Canadians settling in their jobs, but not yet settled in their internal body clocks. I guess there is no sense of a 9-5 day at all LOL

C to the G said...


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