Friday, February 6, 2009

Calicut, India Turn around...

I somehow knew that after my Karachi which was a very light load, the stars would align for my second flight to be heavy, and heavy it was, 340 passengers in economy (full both ways), I never seen 3 hours and half go by so quickly. I feel like I went to the gym or played tennis for 3 hours, I don't even know how many squats I did putting those trays away. These kind of flights will definitely test someone's patience lol If you are in this business for the wrong reasons I don't you would survive what I just did, I can barely find the words to even describe it. On the other hand, we were flying on the Boing 777-200 which is a nice piece of machinery, and more spacious, as on the airbus 330 I was hitting my head all the time on the hat racks ( overhead bins).

I would love to talk of the juicy and not so juicy stuff but I have to hold back as I have to protect my employer ,and  the internet is a great source of information that can start a whole lot of trouble lol

Next flight, Istanbul - Turkey, another turn around...but hey layover in Zurich - Switzerland right after :)


Traytable said...

Omg you're kiddig right, you must be tall as I can hardly reach the o/h on the A330!!! :P

C to the G said...

LOL I'm 6'3 ... I'm the go to guy for fast boarding

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