Monday, February 16, 2009


Hello, I can sum up my layover to Zurich as being like Montreal, it was cold, snowing, the city has history and seems old, but they make a lot of use of the trains so not a lot of cars in the street. I would definitely go back for vacation or another layover. The chocolates are divine , but I failed to noticed that they were flavored with alcohol ! Which later on the flight I learned !!! I could of gotten in a lot of trouble if I had consumed all of them. I blame the lack of pictures to the crew that did not want to go out lol It's not my fault if I'm used to the cold weather.

I have a bit of frustration regarding people who are lazy ! (I will leave the rest to your imagination)

As I'm writing this post  I just receive a letter saying that I will be moving to a permanent accommodation , hopefully my current flat-mate will be the same.

You can see more pictures of Zurich by clicking :

Next trip is Perth, Australia....


Melissa said...

Ooooh you're headed for Perth!

As a sandgroper, I'd recommend -
- Fremantle (take the Blue train to Freo about $3-4 AUD)
- Northbridge, for clubs and great restaurants of any and every cuisine imaginable (best to take a taxi to this one - should be about $10-15 AUD, split amongst crew)
- Cottesloe Beach, especially if the weather is 30 degrees C or more. (blue Freo line)
- if you want to stay in the city you can visit Hay st and Murray st. There is also the Swan Bell Tower at the barrack st jetty within walking distance from the hotel.
- BTW internet is free! Make sure you take your laptop
- Don't eat at the hotel unless it's room service and you're hungry at 2am. There is a cafe called DOME opposite the hotel which has better food, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Grill Restaurant is pompous and overpriced!

Enjoy your stay :-D

Traytable said...

Oh yes the weather is lovely in Perth at the moment. For the true Aussie experience get fish and chips and eat them at Cottesloe Beach to watch the sunset... it's great!!!

Also around the central area of Perth is the free CAT bus, they have red yellow and blue and they stop at various places of interest...

have a look at if you want info about any trains, buses etc

Enjoy my lovely home town!!! =)

Traytable said...

Ooh I just checked the weather it's 30Ç Tue, 33Ç Wed and 36C Thurs- perfect beach weather!!!

C to the G said...

Thanks a bunch !!!

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