Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perth, Australia

WOW...I got some much needed sun and fun at the beach...the 11 hour flight was worth it...Landed in Perth at 2 am, with cross winds , the landing was rough, for 1 tenth of a second I thought that was it for me and some 200 souls in the plane. I slept about 5 hours, why you may ask ? because a fellow blogger told me that internet would be free in the hotel, and addicted as I am to that, well spent a good 2 hours on it ! Yeah it's better then smoking lol After waking up at 11 am shower and figuring out what to wear ( I'm like that sometimes even if the choice of clothing is limited i.e going to the beach ) headed to the lobby and met fellow cabin crew to go the beach, took the train at Perth station which is near our hotel and 14 stations later we were climbing a small hill ( 6 inch inclination lol) to discover at the peak the beautiful beach, at this point I was more famish than anything else, so we stop at a local diner with view on the beach, I had a wonderful seafood risotto and some white wine (the latter was much needed ). 

With a full stomach, I was thinking that swimming would not be an option , remembering watching a disney cartoon where Goofy goes swimming and all his joints becomes knots...but the water was too beautiful to resist, and it has been a while since I dipped in to the sea. Did some sun bathing and went to the beach , it was so cold, I could not understand it, with 30 degrees celcius temperature it did not make sense, so I just jumped in and after a few minutes my body accepted the cold and the water felt warm lol

I did not put the best pictures here, click here for more : Perth

Next city to sleep in London, UK.

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