Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lazy days...Making friends, sanity etc...

I got back to Dubai saturday morning at 1H30 am and been home since then, so a good 4 days, let me tell you that I have been doing absolutely NOTHING, maybe not totally but feels like it. Even dough back in Montreal and being unemployed I remember doing nothing as well, but they have cold weather there so it is excusable, here the weather is just perfect, not boiling hot and not freezing cold, the thing is with me, if I go out, unconsciously I spend money ! In that thought of mind went to diner 2 nights ago and met this lady who sells DVDs, and compulsory shopper that I am, got my self the third season of HEROES which I kept missing the last 10 minutes of every episode (back home) due to the DVR (Personal recorder) stopping at the exact hour minute it was set for. 

Now one thing I always struggled with all my life is making friends and keeping them, and that's just a question of my personality,  here is kind of a Paradox, as to I ask my self the question to what is the point of getting close to people who might not even finish their whole contract with EK, because once I get close to someone it is kind of difficult to let go ( even though it happened often in the past 10 years ), but the isolation here seems to intensify any social behavior and attitude. I must admit I've met a nice bunch of individuals who the word nice does not do them justice, I guess it's a question of education and culture. The other thing that is tiring me down is the non stop gossiping that goes one in our accommodation , I admit it is good from time to time lol but enough is enough, it's like a never ending bad soap opera ! I also need to stop over thinking certain situations - trying to predict what people think, even playing scenarios in my head, what is that all about ? one thing that I can say, is that boredom and loneliness add up to craziness in the head lol

Tomorrow doing a turn around to Istanbul, Turkey...should be tired enough not to think ! :)

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CaRiNe in the SaNd PiT said...

hey just got internet today so I can now read posts I missed out on this past month. I understand how you feel. And yes, there is lots of gossiping around...you just have to choose who you tell stuff too and who you hang out with carefully. I look forward to see you.

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