Friday, February 27, 2009

London and...

London was all I expected it to be, fun, exciting and lovely... We stayed in Crawley near Gathwick, lovely hotel, and the train station is just in the back, so perfect...arrived at 7am and took a quick nap, woke up around 11 am  made some phone calls to make sure I meet some long lost friends, and headed out, after a 45 minutes train ride , I arrived in London Victoria station and the excitement of being in this city was filling up in me...I took the Jubilee line up to Green Park then Picadily line up to Piccadilly circus, if I was rich my money would definitely go up in flames on regent street and Oxford, window shopping is a blast , I did my religious stop at La Maison du Chocolat and bought some macaroons and truffles , they have to be the best chocolates in the world ! Later on I met up with an old friend at Convent Garden and went for diner at an Italian restaurant... I was so upset when I took out my camera and the battery was dead...You know when you plan a trip and you already imagine all the pictures you are going to take and even imagine looking back at them, no its not weird, I'm sure we all do it ! So I was not happy, but considering I was in London and not at my desk, my frustration was short lived. 

Next day we left London around 9 am and got in to Dubai at 8 pm , and guess were I decided to round up people to go to, well my flatmate was doing a better job at motivating us, so yes we ended up at Zinc ! yet again lol I really need to give the other clubs a chance lol but why quit if it's good , right ? The high light of the night (that rimes lol) was meeting Airboy , a really cool cat - if you are reading this, we need to have a more extensive party up - Deon also met him as we went out together , we were like young children spotting a super  hero, anyway always feel good to feel like a kid again.

As I'm writing this, I have a massive headache from drinking up to 7 am as my flatmate decided that it would be a good idea to continue the drinking festival in our flat, so we were joined by 2 other friends and next thing I know the sun was up and I felt like my insides were outside lol

Flying to Hyderabad , INDIA in 10 hours eek

See you later...


Airboy said...

God lol, super hero, that's overstating ! Anyways it was fun meeting you two, and the flatmate whom I already forgot his name ! Sorry about that. I left hints at hangover remedies (ie tanning session at 21st century, hoped you would of picked on that and joined us...) IT was hella good. Music, white wine and sunshine... my skin isn't too happy as a result but fuck that. I needed to get UV-ready for Mauritius !

C to the G said...

We were almost going to come, woke up at 3pm hungry like the the time I satisfied my hunger it was already 5 pm...Next time for sure ! Enjoy Mauritius

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