Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jiddah turn around !!!

Jeez Louise, the boeing 777-300 is one long mother...400 PAX in economy on a 2 class configuration , yellaaaaaa...Flight outbound was ok, I had time to eat and breathe, inbound flight was a whole other story, with 2 hours to do the Emirates world class ( Commercial :) ) service it's something ! No time for requests , call bells, work work work, I could hear the song in my head " You are a super model girl, work it " on the isle and not the catwalk . The thing that I am liking with these short turnarounds is that the time passes by fast and no time to hear or participate in the gossip chatter that goes on on long haul flights, but with the energy spent for just 4 hour credit , I definitely love the long hauls better. I need to mention that last night was my flat-mates Bday and I agreed to go out and have a drink or 2 at Zinc (where else lol ) , I seem to be going out always on the eve of a flight I have to work, living dangerously must give me some kind of high or something lol I had 2 days off prior and I could of gone out and go crazy, but no, I had to wait for the last minute lol Anyway I had fun and got to know him a bit better...2 months living together and I feel like I barely know him... but we seem to have the same personality and maturity and like our privacy and can live with out to much attention from others (well maybe I'm a bit in denial on that... sue me ! )

Well that's about it...another turn around tonight to Doha (45 minutes out an in bound ), short and sweet...and then London, can't wait !!!

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